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Degree Overview

At North Greenville University (NGU), students in the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) program are typically preparing for careers in ministry or teaching. A comprehensive degree, the M.Div. encompasses the fields of theology, ministry, and Bible, while enhancing skills in areas of biblical research and analysis, critical thinking skills, effective communications, and strategic planning. Courses are taught by a distinguished faculty of academic experts and seasoned practitioners. For class scheduling flexibility, NGU offers both full time and part-time program options.

M.Div. Objectives

A distinctively Christ-centered program, NGU’s M.Div. prepares students to apply theoretical concepts to actual ministry situations and utilize critical thinking skills to identify, analyze and develop practical solutions to problems related to Christian ministry in an increasingly diverse and postmodern world.

For specialization, you will have opportunity to choose one of the following concentrations to tailor your master’s degree:

• Church Health & Revitalization
• Discipleship & Spiritual Formation
• Missions & Evangelism
• Pastoral Ministry

Multiple Class Options

Benefit from flexible class formats to accommodate your busy schedule which includes 100% online, traditional in-class
sessions, and a hybrid option that blends both in-class and online.

  • Online
  • On Campus
  • Blended
  • 75 Credit hours
  • 16 Weeks per term
  • 5 Start dates per year

M.Div. Curriculum

This Master’s program is designed to build upon your undergraduate studies and work experience. The track/concentration chosen will enable you to hone in on the ministry interest and/or specialization that God has placed on your life. Core courses will present you with depth and training in classical theological and biblical disciplines in Old Testament, New Testament, and biblical interpretation, as well as in applied disciplines such as evangelism, missions, discipleship, and spiritual formation.

To learn more about the Master of Divinity degree, connect with NGU through the “Request Info” form provided below.

Course TitleCreditsClass Formats
BI 5300 – Biblical Interpretation3Online, On Campus, Blended
NT 5300 – NT Research & Application3Online, On Campus, Blended
OT 5300 – OT Research & Application3Online, On Campus, Blended
CM 5000 – Spiritual Formation3Online, On Campus, Blended
TH 5300 – Christian Theology3Online, On Campus, Blended