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Degree Overview

The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) is a dynamic, research-applied degree program that builds upon your master’s level work and ministry experience. You will engage with peers and world-class scholars on a wide range of biblical and theological topics. Each course is taught by noted faculty who mentor and facilitate an interactive peer learning environment. As a terminal degree, graduates of the program are well prepared for a wide range of ministry roles and qualified to teach in many academic settings.

D.Min. Objectives

This Christ-centered doctoral program is designed to further as well as challenge your depth of scripture, theology, and practice. Here your work will be grounded upon The Great Commission in Matthew 28, Jesus’s final commandment providing advanced study and emphasis on its impact for missions, evangelism, discipleship, and church revitalization.

This unique degree incorporates intensive academic studies as well as applied courses in which students implement what they learn in a ministry setting.

Blended Format

The D.Min. will have a blend of Online and On Campus classes. Students begin the program by completing four semesters
of courses, which consist of a one-week intensive followed by an online practicum

  • Online
  • On Campus
  • Blended
  • 32 Credit hours
  • 3 Years to complete
  • 2 Start dates per year

D.Min. Curriculum

Along with research and practicum, this is an interactive peer learning environment where you will be engaged in subjects ranging from church reach and evangelism, Christian leadership, critical ministry issues to establishing ministry growth initiatives that are biblically sound, measurable and effective. The program requires a high level of commitment involving active participation throughout.

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Sample Courses

Course TitleCreditsClass Formats
DM 7000 – Evangelism & Missions4Blended: Online & On Campus
DM 7025 – Discipleship & Spiritual Formation4Blended: Online & On Campus
DM 7050 – Christian Leadership4Blended: Online & On Campus
DM 7075 – Church Growth & Revitalization4Blended: Online & On Campus
DM 8000 - Research Methods & Project Proposal Workshop3Blended: Online & On Campus